The involvement of students and families in transitions is expanded on in the above sections, but schools may want to think beyond students and staff and consider the role that their community partners could play in enhancing the transition experience of all students and families. Each school team considers broad stakeholder involvement for their unique setting and community partnerships. Connecting families and community partners can extend connections to needed resources and build strong partnerships that holistically support students and their families.

In addition, schools will want to think about what ongoing professional learning needs to be incorporated within their PD plans to ensure staff has training on providing supports for student-centered transitions and the needs students have based on developmental changes for a particular time period. Also, school teams will consider what training key stakeholders need in order to enact the plan (e.g., peer buddy or mentor training, community partner).

Supporting Resources Description
Self-Reflection of MTSS Practices Self-assessment tools for school teams to reflect on their system supports which include transitions
Comprehensive strategy within SIP
Communication with community partners