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A Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), formerly referred to as Response to Intervention or RtI2 in the Madison Metropolitan School District, is a systematic multi-tiered model. MTSS establishes a process for providing increasing levels of instructional time and intensity whereby the needs of all learners are identified, supported early and effectively.


MTSS is based on the provision of high quality standards-based core instruction and the use of data to identify students for appropriate acceleration and intervention. MTSS implementation is everyone's responsibility and advances academic and behavioral achievement through frequent progress monitoring, ongoing data collection and analyses as well as providing immediate, evidence-based intervention for those who need it.

Some of the tools and resources below are informational; others are templates for teams to utilize.


Action Tools & Resources
Identify general area of need
Determine targeted instructional focus for students
Choose a specific intervention that matches student need and instructional focus
Set progress monitoring schedule and goal
Plan for communication with families
Plan for Transition Across Key Levels (4K-5K, 5th-6th, 8th-9th)

Teach (Implement)

Action Tools & Resources
Review overall system for intervention
Ensure that intervention is delivered with fidelity

Reflect & Adjust

Action Tools & Resources
Monitor progress of students
Establish plan for reviewing and analyzing progress monitoring data
Document interventions and outcomes in EduClimber
Review Systems level reports from EduClimber
Consider a referral or consultation with the SSIT
Consider a referral for Special Education