Schools invested in student transition engage in information sharing that is relevant to supporting students at their new school. Within MMSD, we have many reports through Data Dashboard that can help receiving schools determine initial placements or supports, however, it is critical that the sending (current) school shares information beyond what is contained in numbers or not captured through data dashboard (e.g., any social-emotional screening, Text Reading Level, or Math benchmark screening data). When sharing student information, sensitive student information should not be contained in widely accessible electronic documents, like Google docs or forms, but should be shared in confidence in meetings between school student services staff.

It is imperative that schools review key sources of data for students, such as Data Dashboard and GOLD data (4K) to consider instructional implications and planning for new students. In Data Dashboard, key reports for reviewing student data are the 8th and 9th Grade HIgh School Success Report, the Planning Roster for High School, and the Considerations for Tiered Supports Roster. Additionally, some students may have individual support plans (ELLs, ALs, and students with IEPs) that should be taken into consideration when planning for instruction and support.

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Data use guides for using Data Dashboard
Identify Data Reports from Data Dashboard
  • Available under the ‘Reports’ tab
  • 4K-5K Transition
  • Planning K-8 Roster
  • Planning HS Roster
  • Consideration for Tiered Supports K-8
  • Consideration for Tiered Supports HS
Student Data Templates
Available Data Resources